Priceless seeks to expand its campaign as a holistic approach from within a community, letting an indigenous population take ownership of the vision and expand it outward into other communities and spreading through an entire culture.  Here is what we are doing to change cultures and prevent human trafficking.

We educate girls.  We have developed a curriculum to teach them their worth in Christ and how to protect themselves from the dangers of sex slavery and trafficking.  The curriculum is designed to be reproducible such that once a young woman has a strong understanding on the principles of “Priceless” she starts teaching other, younger, women within her own community.  As a girl begins the priceless curriculum she receives a priceless ring; this serves as a reminder to herself and her community that she is valuable in the eyes of God and worthy of hope.

We provide hope for girls.  We help girls receive their high school education and provide opportunities for further education and vocational training.  We offer micro business loans to young women and their families to provide them an opportunity to establish their own business.   We help girls gain legal citizenship who don’t have it (due to disputed borders).

We provide hope for communities.  We have programs established that raise the standard of living within communities and villages.  We help communities establish enterprises that develop agriculture and food production.  We help increase access to education and health care.  Finally, we help to establish and grow local churches, which can spiritually transform communities.