The Priceless Campaign is a worldwide partnership of organizations that are committed to valuing the dignity of women and fighting the evils of human trafficking.  We partner with churches, individuals and organizations who want to put more Priceless rings on girls fingers.


Our desire is to network with other organizations that are working to fight human trafficking.  Our goal is to unite people and organizations who desire to prevent and end human trafficking.  We want to help other organizations raise money and create awareness of this insidious industry.  We want to work together with any organization that is working towards the prevention of human trafficking.


We want everyone to own and wear a priceless ring or pendant, reminding each of us of the many young women all over the world that are falling prey to human traffickers.  We believe that this campaign can really create accountability here in the U.S.  As we wear our priceless jewelry it will be difficult to forget to pray for young women in different parts of the world.  Additionally, as others ask about the rings that we wear it will provide wonderful opportunities to share with others about the shocking world wide issue of human trafficking and offer ways that they can get involved.


We would love to come to your church and present the priceless campaign to your congregation.  Not only will everyone have a chance to buy a priceless ring and support the prevention of human trafficking but there are opportunities for churches to adopt communities and villages and help in holistic transformation in the name of Jesus and for the sake of their young women.  Just one church in American can make a big impact in a village or community that is being overshadowed by the awful presence of human trafficking.

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